Dodged That Bullet

It’s really hard being a girl. There are rules we are supposed to abide by and so many double standards that we have to deal with. We are supposed to wait for a guy to text/call/contact us, but we’re also supposed to show our interest in a guy so that he knows to make a move. But if we show too much interest, we scare boys off, or drive them to think we’re “crazy.” Here’s my thoughts on this: girls come off as “crazy” because we drive ourselves mad trying to figure out what the hell boys want from us! The act of attempting to figure out what men want and how they think is seen as an act of craziness. So instead of boys blaming themselves for being so confusing, they take the easy way out and just blame girls for acting crazy. This is a universal problem. All girls can relate. And if you’re one of those special girls who has never been considered crazy, you’re either lucky, a lesbian, or mute.

Apparently I am crazy. Crazy enough to get myself blocked on Facebook by BLT. I can HONESTLY say I don’t know what I did. Yeah, I have a big mouth, and I probably talked about him to the wrong people, who talked to other people, who then talked to other people, who talked to his friends who eventually talked to him. Gossip and rumors ruin everything. If I told one person that I was “interested in hanging out and getting to know him,” once it eventually gets to his ear, it will be warped into “she’s obsessed with you; she wants you to be the father of her 7 children and sits outside your house every night hoping to get a glimpse of you through your bedroom window.” (WHICH I DO NOT DO BY THE WAY!) The sad part about this is my best friend, Kenya, actually lives across the street from him, which completely sucks because now I feel uncomfortable going over to her house.Image

I have never been blocked on Facebook before, not even by a vindictive ex-boyfriend or a hated enemy. And before now, I never thought that I would be. I’m not a psychotic bitch, I have a great group of friends and as far as I know, very few people have ever considered me to be creepy (okay, the act of “creeping” on the internet is a different story, but EVERY GIRL does that, right?)

I’m still wracking my brain to try and figure out why he would block me. Besides someone telling him something about myself that isn’t true, the only other reasons I can think of is he 1) found this blog and realized I was writing about him or 2) just couldn’t stand to look at my pretty face online anymore because he knows I’m too good for him. My friends think I dodged a bullet with this one, because what kind of guy blocks a pretty girl on Facebook? Honestly, the guy doesn’t even know me! We shared a mutually-aggressive make-out session and he slept in my bed shirtless. You wouldn’t think a PG-13 occurrence such as that would turn into completely erasing someone from all social media. Eventually, I will get to the bottom of this. However right now I’m trying to not let it get to me. I know there are a handful of guys in my life who are interested in me and like me for the sassy, spunky, flirtatious woman that I am – I just keep telling myself that BLT wasn’t worth my time anyway. I guess this fish got away. Time to go fishing again.


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